Our Story

Our Story

Hello, my name is Kristen.

After years in the world of early childhood, being everything from a nanny to a public school teacher, I had a kid of my own. 

And while my experience and education did not teach me how to survive without sleep or how to get avocado stains out of every cushion on the couch, it did teach me a lot about how children learn best. 

So I was surprised to feel a little lost in the toy aisle, mommy blogs and parenting books. 
Where was the simple?
Why was this so overwhelming?
Why do I already feel like I am failing?
Wait, didn’t I used to do this for a living?!?!

It was hard not to lose sight of the things I knew true:
That childhood is the best time to learn.
That spaces and materials that are inspiring, calming and beautiful draw children to learn.
That children learn organically. There is no right way or right time.
And most importantly - 
That sharing my passions and values with my children was suppose to be FUN!

And so I began creating my own materials, centers, curriculums, spaces and rules. I was creating Easy Lemon Squeezy.

Easy Lemon Squeezy, began as a way to center my parenting in a world that tries to over complicate it. And now, it is 
my mission to support you, your family and your business to follow what you know is true and to feel confident sharing your mission with your youngest audience. 

So welcome to Easy Lemon Squeezy. You are already doing amazing things! Let me know how I can help you shine even brighter!