The Three Things Every At Home Writing Center Should Have

Kristen Chiusano
After years of being a public school early education teacher, Kristen decided to take her love of creating beautiful and inspiring learning materials from the classroom to your home or business.

In my classroom, I build writing into every activity, space and moment of our school day. At home however, writing can get lost in the busy.

To make sure writing is always available in my home I stole a teacher trick...Writing Centers.

The Three Things Every At Home Writing Center Should Have:

1. Accessibility

Make sure paper and writing instruments are ALWAYS available. This means making sure they are low enough, easy enough to open and never run out. 

The simplest way to do this is to create baskets of paper and writing instruments on a low shelf in a play area or other living space.

Of course this will take some very serious chats about the rules of writing (only on paper/not on walls), but these are important boundaries for your child to have both at home and school so have the chat.

Want to make sure paper never runs out? Scrap is best! In my house and classroom every flyer, newspaper, used piece wrapping paper and rough draft makes its way to our paper bin. 

2. Writing Instruments

Keep these SIMPLE. We are talking pencils and for very special work felt tip markers.
When buying pencils consider your child’s grip work. For PreK-K golf pencils are best. The shorter the pencil the more instinctual it is to use the right grip. This concept has all but replaced the “fat” pencils and crayons of the past. Older kids should get used to using whatever tool they will need to use in school, so as soon as you get that supply list duplicate the writing tools for home. 
Side note: These practical choices should not replace FUN. So keep taking cute pens from hotels and save them for a rainy day.

3. Prompts

Now you just need something to write about. Keep this simple. Add and interesting object to your center, a flower, some acorns… Or add a family photo, funny internet picture or sentence starter. Change these up everyday to keep your kiddo coming back for more. 
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