Nothing Better Than a Free Gift

As many of us are putting the finishing touches or just beginning our Easter Baskets (no judgement here), I thought it was the perfect time to launch our new freebie! It is perfect to add to your basket and might even help counteract the sugar frenzy.

Meet Our Easy Lemon Squeezy Welcome Gift!

Since I was a little girl my mom instilled in me a deep love for free gifts.

That sounds insane but it's true. We would collect all the little samples of perfumes, face lotions and hair conditioners from the makeup counters at Nordstrom. We would save them up and then have spa days, my mom would let me take “personal days” from school. A tradition I hope to continue with my boys (yes a teacher just said that!).

We would put on potion after potion while watching Audrey Hepburn movies from Blockbuster (totally aging myself). If felt special and we could save the tiny bottles of the things that we loved too add to our shopping list next girls day. They really felt like little gifts, it felt special and important.

So when revamping our welcome gift I thought, “I really wish I could fit Lemon into one of those special little bottles”. And well, we *sort of* did.

In Your Easy Lemon Squeezy Welcome Gift You Will Get:

  • A Free Tally Mark Survey Sheet
  • A Free Line a Day Journal Sheet
  • A Free Spider Web Cutting Activity
  • A Free *Sneak Peak* Bar Graphing Sheet
  • And A Free *Sneak Peak* Handwriting Sheet

Not included are a face-mask and glass of wine, but I hope you will add those things as we create a few moments of peace in your home. You so deserve it!

Get yours here and snap a picture on instagram for a chance to win the full sets of all these products!

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