Mini is Magnificent

Kristen Chiusano
After years of being a public school early education teacher, Kristen decided to take her love of creating beautiful and inspiring learning materials from the classroom to your home or business.

Why are teachers so obsessed with MINI?!?!?

Mini is in! It is not only an adorable trend but also really great for early handwriting and fine motor development. 

It makes sense, smaller hands = smaller materials. Gone are the days of thinking bigger pencils are easier to hold. They might seem easier but they also call for an entirely different grip than regular pencils. This creates habits our kids need to unlearn in kindergarten or their handwriting will become a mess. Smaller pencils are easier to manage, while the same grip they will be asked to use in school.

There is also something *magical* about kids using small materials. In my teaching and mom experience I have found, big things call for big movements and little things call for little movements. In our writing center, little movements are the thing, after all writing is just a collection of very intentional little movements. 

This makes mini books perfect, turning the pages and writing small enough to fit in your mini book takes an amazing amount of muscle practice and control. 

Also, for kids who aren’t sure about the “writing thing” mini books and paper are way less intimidating. We have all had that moment staring at a big blank screen and not knowing where to start, the mini takes some of that intimidation away for kids.

Plus, mini is unexpected. Kids are accustomed to the 8.5 X 11 land of paper, worksheets and coloring books. Mini changes the landscape (literally) and adds some surprise.

Mini is easy to take from the classroom and bring home. Literally cut things up! The magic of paper is that it can be whatever shape or size you want it to be. 

After your papers are mini, head to our Writing Prompt post for more ideas to get you started.