Keeping Shop: Instagram

If you follow Easy Lemon Squeezy on Instagram you know that it is my favorite way to keep in touch. I love the visual first approach of Instagram and find it perfect for our business that takes aesthetic and design so seriously.

While I am no Instagram expert, I have learned a ton since starting Easy Lemon Squeezy and one of the most important lessons is to stay organized. So as my bestie I wanted to share my July Instagram process plus it is a great way to keep myself accountable :)

I have found a couple of trends during the last year that I try hard to pay attention to as I plan.


1- Pictures of me get more interactions. It makes sense, I love seeing the people behind my favorite businesses and accounts, so why wouldn't you? However this is not something that comes easily to me. I love to take pictures of my kiddo and home but of myself, not so much.

2- Posting pictures at random or “instantly” don’t do much for my overall feed aesthetic. I love accounts that look beautiful at ever viewing angle, one photo at a time or in the big grid of 9. These accounts don’t accidentally post their photos in the perfect order, they plan this out way ahead of time. I now I do too!

3- Some times and days are better for interaction than others, and it's not necessarily when you would guess. Good thing Instagram makes this easy to track.