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When Georgia from Traveling Juice Co. told me she was creating a mindfulness course for children I was all in.

I knew the magic of her work having been a mindfulness coaching client of her’s in the past. I knew her expertise and passion would have a powerful effect on this younger audience and was honored to be a part of it. I also knew that this was an opportunity to connect these children’s parents to Traveling Juice Co. and secure more customers.

As a former prek teacher, Georgia was no stranger to curriculum design. She came to our first meeting equipped with learning goals, session plans and a deep understanding of child development. It was clear that our work would focus on diving deeper into learning goals, physically showing the learning process of each session and sharing Traveling Juice Co. with the expanded audience of the child’s (grownup) family.

At our planning meeting Georgia walked me through her objectives and her session structure. I noted each time a physical activity’s work could be documented or when an activity could be supported by preplanning or post reflection work. We developed a rough draft of activity ideas, I would use to generate a more formal draft after our meeting. We also brainstormed a list of illustrations that would both serve the activities and could be used in future Mindful Minis and Traveling Juice Co. printed work.

At the end of our meeting we defined our project goals.

Goal 1: For students to document their learning during each Mindful Minis session.

Achieved by creating a workbook including an appropriate word bank, daily emotional check-ins for the start and end of each session and daily learning check-ins for the start and end of each session.

Goal 2: To share the mission of Mindful Minis and Traveling Juice Co. with families.

Achieved by creating a collection of home expansion work. This included a line a day journal, mindfulness survey, mindful meal drawing prompt and a fridge mantra, that supported working alongside a family member.

Goal 3: Expand Traveling Juice Co. customer base by providing families with basic information about the brand.

Achieved by including an introductory letter and contact information to the workbook and linking the Traveling Juice Logo to the Mindful Minis Logo to create brand consistency.

Our final product was a 15 page workbook that Georgia uses in each of her workshops and sends home for connection work after each session. The workbook includes introductory and contact information for families to connect to with Georgia’s mission and the Traveling Juice Co. website. Both Georgia and I loved the final product.

Mindful Minis
Mindful Mini Word Bank
Daily Check-Ins
What Helps You Feel Calm

Georgia Shared:

I recently collaborated with Kristen on a project called “Mindful Minis” for my fresh juice company, Traveling Juice Co. “Mindful Minis” is a program that teaches children about health and wellness and Kristen created some amazing content for my lessons to help early childhood students express their thoughts and learnings. The Mindful Minis workbook truly ties my program together with its amazing graphics, word banks, and interactive & age appropriate activities that help children process feelings and discuss nutrition and health with grownups at home. I am so grateful to Kristen for helping me create something that will give children lifelong wellness skills! Plus, she is so professional, kind, and easy to work with!
- Georgia of Traveling Juice Co.

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