Elf on The Shelf Magic

Elf On The Shelf


​It’s me again, your official Christmas elf :)

Confession: I am still a year away from getting an Elf on the Shelf but I already Pinterest ideas for where I will move ours.

I think Elf on the Shelf is the cutest new Christmas tradition. I am totally bummed this wasn’t a thing when I was young. I would have been obsessed. So this next holiday product is me trying be a part of the Elf on the Shelf club while adding writing practice and mindful reflection to the tradition.

The Elf on the Shelf Journal. Can I show you around? Promise there is a freebie! (I say that a lot huh?!?)

This is one of those products that I cannot believe didn’t exist until now. I have the coolest job :) 

​This 25 day journal asks your child to use their imagination to create a world and personality for their elf. Adding lots of writing and drawing practice to your Elf on the Shelf tradition.  

Also in the mix are reflections on kind deeds, words and practices. This journal lets your child take part in the 
 Elf on the Shelf tradition, without touching (see I know the rules even though I’m not in the club) and can add something new to the routine for children getting used to the pattern.

Ok freebie!
Here is Day 1-4 to get you started!

Elf on the Shelf Journal Days 1-4

Ho Ho Ho,