Busy Blue House: Hospital Bag

Our bags are officially packed!

My round two hospital bag was MUCH easier to pack that the first time around. I know exactly what I need and what I will never take out of my duffel. Mostly, I know how important my little “home” items are to my calm and sanity.

Hospital Bag

The first thing to focus on is the actual birth:

This “supply wise” I sort of nailed for the birth of my son John, so I packed a lot of the same stuff.

1. Essential oils and diffuser. I am a smells girl. Lavender is my jam and I know that the familiar smell will help me calm during labor. I read a bit about other oils that help you during contractions or move labor along, but for me staying centered is the most important factor.

2. Speakers and my baby playlist. Before Johnnie was born, my husband and I created our birthing playlist. It was full of songs that remind us of happy times, got us pumped to be parents or were just calming. Side note: I had to seriously put my foot down took keep Salt n Pepa’s Push It from making the list. For the weeks leading up to John’s birth I would listen to the songs and visualize a calm easy birth. I didn’t get the easy birth but I stayed never lost my cool and I think this had a little to do with it.

3. Framed sonogram picture. Ok so this one was for the big push. I did not take well to using a mirror or staring into my “not pushing” husband’s eyes while in labor with John, but staring at a picture of him and remembering that I was about to meet my son, that helped me focus without wanting to cry or punch anyone.


This part I didn’t nail with my first son but I learned A LOT and feel way more prepared this time around.Next focus is your 2 (or more) day stay:

4. First up a brand new SUPER soft blanket. Between this little bit of comfort and my necessary pillow from home, I can fake being in my own bed, kind of.

5. Clothes for me, especially new nursing shirts. Last time around I got a lot of the nursing tank tops that unclipped at the strap. I spent the entire time in the hospital feeling like I was hanging out of my shirt. I was so uncomfortable, especially with all the visitors coming in and out. This time I went for loose tops and button ups. I also packed shorts and a nightgown incase I had a catheter again making leggings and pajama pants impossible.

Nurse Gift Basket7. Clothes for baby. These are really unnecessary with all the hospital gives us but me being a sensory girl, I love putting my baby in the softest things I can find. My brand of choice is Kickee Pants, I love how light and cozy everything they make is. Endlessly important is the going home outfit my great grandmother knitted for her great grandchildren to wear home from the hospital. John was the first of her great great grandchildren to wear it and his brother will be the second. It fills my heart.6. Thank you gifts for the nursing staff. I won’t get into my first birthing story but at one point I cried into the nurse’s bosom. Her name is Libby she and my son share a birthday...it's a whole thing. If this is your first baby let me tell you, the nurses are superstars. As a small acknowledgement of their hard work, I put together a basket of gifts (gum, sourpatch, hair ties, chapstick, dunkin gift cards…) to leave in their breakroom, with a thank you card I always cry while writing. It helps me to focus on their hard work and my gratitude instead of getting down about some of the rougher parts of staying in the hospital.

8. Extra long phone charger. You have no idea where that plug will be and if you are like me you will be obsessed with sending your besties the newest little selfies.

Things I won't be bringing this second time around.

1. Almost anything for my husband. I adore him, but he really needs next to nothing during this time. With the grandparents visiting and his ability to go home to take a shower, grab lunch and nap, I wasted a lot of time backing him unnecessary survival gear last time. This time I will take advantage of his ability to leave the premises and grab whatever supplies he/we might need.

2. Aftercare products, but check with your hospital first. Our hospital is amazing and supplies, diapers, wipes, pads… you name it. No need to take up room in my bag this time around.

So now that the bags are packed, I feel like things are getting pretty serious. We are at week 35 and this baby is head down and ready to go. I really cannot imagine this kid staying put for another month but there is really no predicting what these kiddos might do.