Creating Mindful Mornings

Morning Message

Our family has been taking a hard look at how to ease our busy schedules. The first routine we knew needed a revamp was our hectic mornings. We recently implemented "Mindful Mornings".

To us, mindful mornings mean both my hubby and I wake up a little earlier and meditate, talk and read for about 20 minute before our son wakes up. It has been really helping us stay calm for the rest of the day and I wondered how I could mirror this new habit for our son.

So we added two great routines to John's morning. First his book bag. Each night I tie a tote bag of favorite books to the outside of his crib. Now when he wakes up he enjoys a few minutes of quiet reading, just like mom and dad. He loves it and we love having a few extra minutes in the morning to prepare for the day. My only worry starting this routine is that he would find this book bag at night. And since we started he has grabbed a book early in the night about 2 times, but honestly they seem to help him transition to sleep. Instead of crying or jumping to settle himself, he reads, and I'm totally cool with that!

Morning Station

The second great addition was the morning station.

Each evening I write John a short note with a greeting, activity prompt and a preview of our day.

Good Morning Sunshine, Can you color all the beautiful flowers? Today we will go to the flower shop to buy more yellow flowers. ​ Love, Mommy and Daddy

I love starting the day with a burst of literacy and giving John something special to look forward to each day. Also, this is a great preview for the morning message he will have at school next year. I made our “dry erase” board by laminating a piece of pink construction paper, super simple and saves me tons of time and paper.

We also include an activity each day. We keep these low prep and independently implemented. For example, a simple coloring sheet, puzzle, fine motor activity, the options are endless.

Our mornings feel completely different and the prep time is minimal. I love when simple things solve big problems!

Any tips for starting your day off in a mindful way? Share them in the comments!

Love, Kristen