At The Table: July

At the Table - July

Our table this month has been all about bringing the outside inside. We are obsessed with the return of our sunny days, so even when we need to be indoors we like to pretend that isn’t the case. It was also important to incorporate a few OT and Speech strategies that help John feel focused and calm.

Bug Bin

Our first bin was our muddy bugs center. This was literally a bin of mud, grass seed and some plastic bugs I got off Amazon. I created this little photo sheet to help support John’s language as he played and labeled his bugs. You can snag your copy here:

Bug Labeling Freebie

This is not for the messy minders. Every time my son played here it resulted in a hand washing, shirt changing and table mopping. I look it as a great time to reteach these routines and tried to be mindful about their importance.

Firework Cutting Practice

Firework CuttingOnce our scissors arrived it was the perfect time to break out our Firework Cutting Practice. Because John is new to cutting I cut the circles for him and let him practice with snipping. This first time took a lot of parent support but I was proud of how he stuck with it.John has been super curious about scissors lately. He kept asking and reaching for our adult sized scissors, so I knew it was time for a pair of his own. I chose a pair with some snap back support scissors that were just sharp enough to cut through paper.

For an older or more scissor confident child, let them cut the circles before snipping the sparks. Cutting a circle is a separate scissor skill that calls for your child to move the paper while cutting. Also invite you child to glue their fireworks on black paper and use chalk to decorate the night sky.

Firework Cutting Freebie

Grass Cutting

Grass Cutting

When our bug bin became a bit too routine, I added a layer of grass seed. In a few days we had tall green grass. This was exciting all by itself, watching the grass grow and grow. When it was long enough I showed John how to trim the grass with scissors. He was over joyed to finally be able to play in the grass and use scissors! I loved the scissor practice and am looking forward to adding this work to our outdoor chores, now John can work on trimming the edging while the family does yard work :)

Are you bringing the outside in this summer? Tell us how in the comments and don't forget to share your table work on instagram with the hashtag #easylemonbestie !