10 Ways to Make Journaling Fun for Kids

Kristen Chiusano
After years of being a public school early education teacher, Kristen decided to take her love of creating beautiful and inspiring learning materials from the classroom to your home or business.

It is not a surprise that I LOVE journaling, especially with my students. Keeping a journal means that my students are writing everyday and that is EVERYTHING. 

Back at home it is the perfect routine to keep writing in the mix. But what do I do when journaling becomes mundane?

Here are 10 ways to revamp your journal routine!

1. Tape in found objects

If your child found a leaf on their walk home, collected a movie stub or got a sticker at the dentist tape it right in the journal and write around it. 

2. Ask a funny question

Ask them a question they cannot help but answer, the sillier the better! Would you like to purple glitter boogers? What noise does a seahorse make? Journaling doesn’t always have to be serious or factual. Add a little fun!

3. Make it a Family Tradition

Journaling is beneficial for everyone in your family so make it a family thing. When everyone is taking 10 minutes out to journal your child is truly learning by example and will see it as more meaningful work

4. Use pictures as prompts

Hooray for instant photo printing! Head to CVS with your child and print a favorite picture from the day. Use the picture to prompt your entry.

5. Gratitude

Gratitude journals are all the rage and for good reason! Just listing what you are grateful for boosts your mood. Once a week ask your child to list 5 things they are grateful for in their journal to get all the mood boosting benefits. 

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6. Drawing Challenge

When we talk about writing we are really talking about making marks. This is why I always creep drawing into my classroom’s writing routine. Drawing practices the same fine motor control as writing and tells just as detailed a story. Give your child a drawing prompt instead of a writing one.

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7. Look to the Future

When your child isn’t inspired by today, look to the future. Ask them to write the journal as a teenager or grown up. What will their day look like as a parent? As the president? As a teacher?

8. Pick Your Moment 

Sometimes the end of the day isn’t the right time. If you come home from a party or event that has your child energized bring the journals out right away! Don’t let the excitement fade.

9. Rose and Thorn

The old dinner party prompt works great as journal prompt. Ask your child to pick their favorite and least favorite part of the day. This also totally helps to counteract that “what did you do in school today?”...“Ummm nothing” pattern.

10. Keep it Literal and Simple 

When writers block gets too much keep it all simple and literal. Use a writing prompt like “What did you have for breakfast?” or “How old are you?”. This gets your kiddo writing when they are creatively blocked. 

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