10 Prompts to Get Your Child Writing

Kristen Chiusano
After years of being a public school early education teacher, Kristen decided to take her love of creating beautiful and inspiring learning materials from the classroom to your home or business.

Does your kiddo pick out his favorite pen, get her paper ready, sit down at the table and then...nothing. Here are 10 prompts to get your child writing.

1. Ask a Question

With question prompts you make the first move. Instead of a blank page you get the ball rolling. Our Daily Journals have tons of silly prompts to get you through a month of writing.

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2. Bring out the Photo Albums

Reminiscing about past experiences is a great way to kick off a writing session. Use photos to prompt conversation about family traditions, trips and other great memories.

3. Press Pause

If your kids are like mine they love a good movie. Use this love as writing motivation. Find a movie they haven’t seen before and press pause at a super interesting part. Then, work together to brainstorm and write about what might happen next. 

4. Postcards

Sometimes writing to someone is all the prompt we need. Plus, grandparents will be THRILLED to receive a special note.

5. List Making

I am the queen of list making, for me it is a natural writing prompt. Encourage your child to write your grocery list, birthday wishlist, summer to-do list, bedroom makeover list… the *list* goes on!

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List Making Freebie

6. Word Hunts

Using post-its place words all around your house. Challenge your child to find them all and write the word, a sentence using the word or draw a picture of every word they find. 

7. Labeling Play

Bring writing to other activities by introducing labeling. Label buildings during block play. Make name necklaces for dolls. Make signs for your doll house’s garage sale. The possibilities are endless. 

8. Speech Bubbles

Find interesting pictures on the internet or of your family and add blank speech bubbles. Have your child write in the conversation.

9. Type it

If your child is computer motivated use it your advantage. Remember emailing or typing a story into google docs is still writing!

10. Pass the Pen

Sit down with your child and write one word or one line and then pass the pen to them. Pass the pen back and forth until you come to the perfect story ending. 

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