• Creating Mindful Mornings

    Our family has been taking a hard look at how to ease our busy schedules. The first routine we knew needed a revamp was our hectic mornings. We re...
  • The Three Things Every At Home Writing Center Should Have

    In my classroom, I build writing into every activity, space and moment of our school day. At home however, writing can get lost in the busy. To make sure writing is always available in my home I stole a teacher trick...Writing Centers. The three things every at home writing center should have.
  • 10 Ways to Make Journaling Fun for Kids

    It is not a surprise that I LOVE journaling, especially with my students. Keeping a journal means that my students are writing everyday and that is EVERYTHING. Back at home it is the perfect routine to keep writing in the mix. But what do I do when journaling becomes mundane? Here are 10 ways to revamp your journal routine!
  • Mini is Magnificent

    Why are teachers so obsessed with MINI?!?!?Mini is in! It is not only an adorable trend but also really great for early handwriting and fine motor development.
  • 5 Tips for Working with Pre-Writers

    Before children write letters, words or stories they make marks. These marks are are our first steps in becoming confident writers. So while it might seem like working on writing is a Kindergarten or First Grade task, this work can actually start in the toddler years. Here are 5 tips for working with pre-writers.
  • 10 Prompts to Get Your Child Writing

    Does your kiddo pick out his favorite pen, get her paper ready, sit down at the table and then...nothing. Here are 10 prompts to get your child writing.
  • Keeping Shop: Client Spotlight - Mindful Minis

    When Georgia from Traveling Juice Co. told me she was creating a mindfulness course for children I was all in. I knew the magic of her work having...
  • At the Table: August

    This month the table was all about word stringing and sunshine. John has made AMAZING language gains this summer and we are really pushing his use ...
  • Busy Blue House: Hospital Bag

    Our bags are officially packed! My round two hospital bag was MUCH easier to pack that the first time around. I know exactly what I need and what I...
  • Keeping Shop: Instagram

    If you follow Easy Lemon Squeezy on Instagram you know that it is my favorite way to keep in touch. I love the visual first approach of Instagram a...
  • At The Table: July

    Our table this month has been all about bringing the outside inside. We are obsessed with the return of our sunny days, so even when we need to be...
  • Nothing Better Than a Free Gift

    As many of us are putting the finishing touches or just beginning our Easter Baskets (no judgement here), I thought it was the perfect time to laun...